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When you order from this restaurant, you won’t pay a dime

It’s no secret that the coronavirus has many people out of work, so a small mom and pop restaurant decided money was no object when it comes to receiving a hot meal. Cliff “Cooks” restaurant in Barneveld, Wisconsin, a rural town 30 minutes from Madison, took prices off its menu in order to help those…MORE

Federal prisons will confine inmates to cells for 2 weeks due to coronavirus

Federal prisons will confine inmates to cells for 2 weeks due to coronavirus

The US federal prison system will move to a heightened state of lockdown as it fights the spread of coronavirus behind bars, the Bureau of Prisons announced. Beginning Wednesday, inmates will be confined to their cells for a two-week period, with exceptions for certain programs and services like mental health treatment and education. Limited group…MORE

Coronavirus is just getting started. And your bills are due

Twin forces are colliding in American households with vicious results. First, the Covid-19 outbreak is not going anywhere. Monday saw a new record number of reported deaths (more than 500). New projections suggest that more than 84,000 Americans will die in the coming months. Second, the hard reality that we are still nowhere near the…MORE

This is exactly how narrow Bernie Sanders’ path is

In an interview with late-night host Seth Meyers, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders argued that while his chances of beating former Vice President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination aren’t great that chance still does exist. “There is a path,” Sanders said. “It is admittedly a narrow path.” Which got me to thinking: Just how narrow…MORE

Tomorrow is Census Day. Here’s what you need to know about the 2020 count

Households across the United States have been receiving invitations to complete the 2020 census for weeks. But another major milestone in the count is coming soon. April 1 is known as Census Day. And around the country, local officials are encouraging residents to complete census questionnaires this week. “Lots of people are home right now,…MORE

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