Jousters, Maidens, Pirates, and Characters Welcome!

Image by Hollie Ramsey from Pixabay
Image by Hollie Ramsey from Pixabay

Can’t imagine a summer without the joys of the Renaissance Festival? If you’ve got the right 16th century charm and skills, you may be able to spend the summer as an entertainer at this Michigan gem!

Brush up on your jousting, pickle-throwing, horse-riding, and various other skills and audition for one heck of a memorable summer! (Hopefully they still have the pickle-throwing people. It’s one of my most vivid RenFest memories!)

Audition dates:
May 4th – Noon to 4PM
May 11th – Noon to 4PM
May 15th – 7PM to 9PM
May 25th – Noon to 4PM

To snag your spot for auditions, call the office at (248) 634-5552. Offices are located near the fairgrounds at 12600 Dixie Highway in Holly. If you audition and get the part… let us know on the CK 105.5 Facebook Page! Good luck!

See the latest plans and theme weekends for this year’s Renaissance Festival at

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